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La Crossed Tracklocross

Make Cross fixed again! La Crossed Beach Party @ THF was beer-fueled, couch-hopping madness!

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Location Scouting

For a while now I've been itching to shoot a proper photo series of my Space Horse. Especially since adding the final touches to the bike, with a front rack and new shifters. As it turns out, location plays a huge role in the final product (who knew right?).

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Erster Mai

Kreuzberg, May 1st. An above average setting for street photography.

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WiWi Café

Photo challenge to myself: how many images can I take without moving from my comfy spot in the corner of my favorite university café?

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First Post - Goal and purpose of this blog

This will be a short description of the purpose of this minimal photo blog and its future direction. In recent times I have grown increasingly frustrated with Instagram as a photographic sharing platform due to its technical limitations with regard to aspect ratio, resolution and mobile-centric nature. The community aspect and inherent flaws have been discussed at length in respective forums and I won't be getting into that. Suffice to say, I don't see the platform as a good fit for the some of the photographic content I want to create and share. This will heavily cut down on the viewership of my content, but luckily viewership is not a metric I'm interested in pursuing anyway.

I will be mostly posting unplanned and unscripted photo sets accompanied by short descriptions or an anecdote about the event that lead to the images. Additionally, I will continually post photo series, photo essays and trip reports, etc. Long-form blog-type posts will be rare. Please let me know if you encounter any errors or inconsistencies on this website. I'm still working out the details.