Rapha Prestige Bohemia

The Rapha Prestige Bohemia event took us from Schmilka just on the border to CZ, with the peak of the Ještěd as the intermediate checkpoint and then back on a challenging 180km loop through the North Bohemian countryside.

We were promised plenty of gravel kilometers, punchy climbs, awesome descents, misty woodland, and of course heaps of fun tackling the challenge with our team mates and fellow riders of that day. We got all that and more! The course held plenty of "surprises". Nearly no team was immune to punctures and mechanical defects on the rough surfaces. A motorcycle race on a key road barred the progress of many teams, requiring #roadbikesoffroad skills up some steep, steep fireroads. Yet this just added to the adventure and made the reward of finishing that much sweeter. Okay, the BBQ buffet and beer organised by Rapha probably helped as well. These are my impressions of the day I experienced with Stefan and Marcus of Team 8bar. Big thank you to Aleksi and Christopher for allowing us to stay in the cozy appartment with them (best view in town!).

View of the town Schmilka from the breakfast table.
Power breakfast for a long day in the saddle.
Eventually the fog lifted.
Gearing up.
Bohemia, baby!
Morning rays poking through the canopy
Teams on the road.
Ještěd in sight.
Not without incidents along the way.
Obligatory team shot at the peak.
Ještěd tower with hotel and restaurant.
Back down we go.
Refilling for the last push.

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