Architectural Forays

Exploring around the Embassy Quarter, followed by a practice race in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium.

Nearly every day, I discover new and unexplored areas of the city. This time, it was as simple as making a mental note of an open gate near the Mexican Embassy on my commute to the university. I later returned to discover an expansive courtyard or even small park surrounded by glass and concrete constructions. In recent weeks the 16mm lens has been glued to my camera. It's wide, but not too wide and offers a significantly different perspective to the 35mm for more sweeping architectural shots.

I spent about half an hour there until I was shoo'ed away by a security guard. I had one more "appointment" for the day - a practice road and fixie race hosted on the Maifeld (Mayfield) in front of the Olympic Stadium on the outskirts. Regrettably, this parade field played a sad role in a dark part of German history - entering the massive gates strikes me immediately with a sense of antique gravity (which I suppose was intended by the architect), with its gargantuan granite slabs hosting up the towering ceiling of the entry hall. Passing through there and exiting back into the sunlight, you are presented with the Bell Tower, outdoor granite seating and a roughly 800m long circuit around the Maifeld that is guarded by several statutes of deities and stylised athletes which still remain from the 1930's. The sun quickly dropped behind the stands and the background was quite cluttered, making it difficult to get good shots without a telephoto.

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